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Year Review 2018 & ReacconLIVE on Twitch

by Reaccon
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For me as a Content Creator, the Year 2018 wasn’t the best year and despite all that, not everything that happened this year was as bad.

Two of the best things that happened to me last year was my comeback on youtube and achieving the “Affiliate” Status on my Twitch-Channel.

– Reaccon

Last Year (2018) was one of the most eventless years in my entire time as a Content-Creator for MMORPGs.
Not only is there currently no other MMO, that I’m also personally interested in, available at the given moment (apart from Ashes of Creation).
But also is Ashes of Creation still in a very early stage of development and therefore the content available is very limited.
Although I love theory crafting, I would still prefer to provide you with more high-quality content, such as guides about the game itself.
Sure, you could say: “you could create Guides, since there is already enough knowledge existing about the game”.
Nonetheless, in the long run, these waters are too deep for me.
In my opinion, it is a pure gamble if the theory will ultimately match the game content later on, and therefore the guides might be wrong in the end.
Nevertheless, I have made it my goal to write further guides for the future, or to create videos on the respective topics.
I don’t want to make it look like I’m trying to trash talk everything that happened in the past year. Because not everything was bad and I do not want to let it sound that way either.
There were also many great events and moments happening, that I personally was very happy and proud about …
Two of the best things that happened to me last year was my comeback on Youtube and achieving the “Affiliate” Status on my Twitch-Channel.
(yes, I have a Subscribe button now!)

After long deliberation on my goals and interpretation of my channels for the New Year, I have come to the conclusion that I want to focus further on my live streams.
This shall not mean that Youtube will fall into the backlight.
However, the future focus will clearly be on the live stream.
Apart from the bitter fact that my Youtube Channel already has to suffer from severe inactivity anyway, I think that additional content created on my live streams will strengthen the channel rather than weaken it, ultimately adding value to all involved.

What does that mean for Reaccon and the community in the future?

  • There will be almost daily live streams and individual content until we get continued access to Ashes of Creation.
  • Ashes of Creation will become the next content flagship as more content becomes available for the game.
  • Until this time, there may be live streams about other games and events

Will the Youtube channel change a lot?
Generally not!
First and foremost, more content will be available.
Content will not solely exist in the usual form of informative video guides, but also other content such as stream highlights for example
Win-win, so to speak.

Where can I find the stream and when is it live?

The stream is active with a working schedule, on Twitch.tv,
for quite some time now.
You can find my channel under the username ReacconLive.
Furthermore, I have set up a separate page on this website,
through which you can directly watch the live stream, once it’s live.
This Page-Link can be found at the navigation, at the top of the Website.
A current schedule, including time and countdown for the next stream, will be displayed in the panels below the Twitch stream.
You can also join my Community-Discord to stay informed and receive notifications as soon as the stream goes live.

Apart from the current changes and the transformation process from a Youtuber to a Streamer, I will do my best to continuously develop best practices for new content and to further increase the quality.

– Reaccon

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