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Reaccon.com – Website revision

by Reaccon
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Hey Guys,

id like to keep you updated on upcoming Contents!
Website revision:
Actually im reworking the whole Website (should be done pretty soon!)
Upcoming Content:
Im short before releasing a new Guide.
This Guide will be a Class Guide for Vanguards.
As you probably noticed, i started recording and uploading GvG-Videos of my Guild.
Theres still a few GvG-Videos, that im still working on.
So please remain patient for a short while.
Will be streaming again activily, as soon as I can effort the Time again.
Actually working on some really important Projects etc. Will definitely be on during CBT-break, so make sure to join 😀
Make sure to stay tuned! See ya soon guys o/
Greetz Reaccon

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