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Guardian Class Guide – Stats, Skills, Basics


This section will cover most important Infos about generating,
maintaining/accumulating and regaining Aggro.

Threat and Aggro

Generating Threat and maintaining Aggro are two very important characteristics of a Tank.
Understanding these and their difference, is very important for your overall performance as a Tank.


Threat is a means to determine the the amount of hostility bewtween a mob and the player.
Each mob has a threat table, and every person who performs amount of hostility actions will be put on that table.
Thread can either be generated by dealing Damage or by Healing.
Usually, Threat gets generated by a 1:1 ratio with damage done to the mob, and a 1:2 ratio with healing done.
Also Tanks usually generate way more Threat than Healers, due to their DPS.
Threat normally does´t decrease over time or otherwise, unless their is a mechanic to lower or vanish it.
Last but not least, your Threat will reset if you die, or leave the battle (for example: Disconnect).


Having aggro means having the highest amount of threat against a mob, and that mob attacks them because of it.
Thats what Tank should aim for.
Important fact, theres Situations where you dont want to have Aggro of certain Mobs.
For example: Special Boss mechanics in Raids, which require a second Tank or other Teammates to gather Mobs at a different place.
Also important to know, is that you dont just get “Aggro” by simply overtaking Threat on the Mob/Boss.
It will require you to keep increasing the Threat continuously, to be able to hold the Aggro.
Especially if you have DPS-Classes with higher level or better Gear in your party.

Ability Rotations

Tanks need to have Rotations, just like DPS-Classes.
Instead of the Gameplay of DPS-Classes, Tanks have to use their Rotations mainly to generate Threat,
and Resources for their Combos to be able to hold the Aggro.
We will go further into Rotations later on.
I will devide Abilities for Vanguards in three Categories:
– Damaging and Threat-Generating Skills
– Damage mitigation abilities (survivability)
– Others: like Buffs/Debuffs, Taunt, CC, etc.

Initial Aggro

As Main-Tank its your job to start encounters, whether in PvP or PvP.
That means, you will have to Charge/Pull the Bosses/Mobs in Dungeons.
Always make sure you let your Team know, if youre ready or not.
This should give you the opportunity to gain the initial Aggro.
Make sure to always use your Defense-Stance (Benetnash) to generate Threat from the very beginning
Also i would recommend using Heroic Leap as your “Main-Charge”.
Even if theres other ways, to get the initial Aggro, this will be the safest way to initiate.
As a Tank it is really important to (perfectly) know your Skills and their Effects,
especially those which can generate lots of Threat.
To be able to initiate your Fights with Skills that will generate lots of Threat.
Be prepared to use your Taunt abilities (example: Indomitable Will), in case you lose Aggro.
Make sure to save them, for the “worst case” (losing Aggro), to regain it as fast as possible.


There will be Situations where you have to pull single or few Mobs (Adds), during a Fight (Dungeins, Raids).
These Situations require you to use your Pulls, or other ranged Attacks to generate Threat on the Adds.
You should always be aware of this Situation, and have some sort of a backup plan for it.
Which generally means, try to not have all ranged Skills or Pulls on Cooldown at the same time.
(Be proactive)
Also and even more important:
Keep an close eye on your Livesavers (aka Healers)
They will generate Threat on Adds, with their Heals, if you dont react fast enough
Try to always stay in good Position to your Healer!

Maintaining Aggro

There will be Times when holding Agrro can become very Difficult, just as mentioned before.
Being Outgeared, Outleveled or even switching off Targets, can be such reasons.
Thats why its so important to know your Skills, Effects and their priority perfectly!
Proper knowledge of your Skills will, in most cases, guarantee that you do not lose aggro.
Important Skills to Maintain Aggro:

  • Benetnash (Defense Stance and Arcane Arts – Beginner Path 3)
  • Heroic Leap (including Arcane Arts – Beginner Path 3)
  • Crippling Bolt (awesome AoE – pretty nice DMG)
  • Holy Vortex (Nice DMG + Taunt)
  • Indomitable Will (adds Taunt-Effect on active Defense-Stance)
  • Dragongrip (not necessary; Arcane Arts – Beginner Path 3)

In case you lack too much Experience,DPS, or whatever makes your Threat suffer,
you can use Dragongrip (Arcane Arts) as additional Threat Skill, but this is not necessary!
In case you have Issues to keep up the Aggro,
try to use Skills like Holy Vortex or Indomitable Will as often as possible!
Those Skills arent just good fillers,
they also deal some decent DPS aswell as they have a Taunt Effect,
which makes them very valuable, especially in Dungeons
Important: Indomitable Will only get its Taunt effect during active Defense-Stance (Benetnash)
Also i would recommend using Smite, as long as the Situation allows it.
Smite is a great burst (AoE) DPS-Skill (also Knockdown), and can Deal a great Amount of Damage in really short Time.
But it also has a moderate Animation-Time, so you shouldnt use it in Situations where it could cost your life.

Regaining Aggro

Theres Situations, when you will need to regain your Aggro.
For example by dieing (worst case) or unintentionally by getting Out-DPSed.
Such situations can happen, especially when youre new to the Game or the Tank-Role at all
Therefor we have Taunts, like Indomitable Will.
Make use of your Taunt Skills, when the Sitation requires it.
For Targeting in general, i would Recommend using the “Action-Mode”, and likewise Tab-Targetting.
You can either switch through the Mobs, by hovering over them with the crosshair,
or lock a certain Mob/Boss, by hitting Tab a second time.
This will ensure a secure Targetting while a Fight is in progress, which is also good for PvP

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