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Hey Guys, this is Reaccon!

My real Name is Raphaél and and playing Video-Games is my passion.
I was born in Germany and I am now No-Life-ing in beautiful Online Worlds.
Beside creating Videos on YouTube, and Streaming,
i mostly play MMO´s nowadays.
Games I´ve played during all my Playtime:
– Warcraft 1-3
– Starcraft
– Siedler
– Ragnarok Online (from the very beginning, including breaks, till 2015)
– CounterStrike 1.6 (competitive on ESL till 2010)
– Rose Online
– Aion
– Tera
– Cabal Online (Beta till 2016, with breaks)
– Ragnarok Online II
– ScarletBlade
– Echo of Souls
– Blade and Soul
– Tianyu (Revelation CN)
– Revelation Online
and many more, I can tell you… 😛
My Experience about MMO´s is pretty widespread:
I started as a total scrub and worked hard to get forward, in every single Game.
When I start to play a new Game, my competitive heart is pumping so hard, it feels like being multiple Earthquakes (now you know how big my Heart is).
I don’t even have that feeling while having an erection tho ;P
Aside of the Competitive Part, I was Guild- or Clan-Leader in most of the Games I’ve played.
And usually also pretty successful with that.
But now, since I’m getting “older”, and also working a lot, i started to rethink my Situation and decided to go on as a “usual” Guild-Member.
Even though, I usually end up getting promoted to a Officer/Co-Lead Rank somewhere along the way.
(I just cant stop putting lots of effort into Guilds, and I enjoy that)
But that doesn’t mean, I’m serious about everything I come in contact with.
I enjoy – if not to say love – to make fun about everyone and everything around me (especially myself).
You´ll notice that soon enough, trust me on that! 🙂
A while ago I started creating Videos on YouTube and noticed, that its hell’a fun for me.
It didn’t really take a long time for it to become a hobby (5 minutes after Uploading my first Video).
Even though the first few days have been very “difficult” on me, mostly because I was super unsure if it will work out like expected.
But so far so good, i feel super comfortable with it – and enjoy it a lot![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]